Andrew Ranulf Blankenship is a modern magus, a wizard whose ability to speak to the dead through video earns him a good living, as well as the respect of others who trade in the currency of the occult. He is handsome, funny and stylish, if a bit haunted. Andrew is a recovering alcoholic with ten years sober, a loose demon in a cave, and a hopeless crush on a lesbian protégée. If you have business with him, don’t bother wandering his rural New York town of Dog Neck Harbor…Even if you find his winding street on Lake Ontario, you’ll never see his house unless he wants you to. You’ll never flag him down if he roars past you in his classic Mustang. You wouldn’t like his survivalist neighbor. And his lover, a Rusalka (think wicked Russian mermaid) just might invite you to a moonlight drowning in the lake. If you’re particularly unlucky, you could come knocking the summer this story takes place. You see, Baba Yaga herself is looking to settle a blood debt with Mr. Blankenship, and Frost and Death are coming with her.


“This novel is beautifully written by a major talent, and resonates for some time after turning the last page.”
CA Reviews

“[A] rambunctious magical melee…The logic of the plot is eclipsed by the eruption of characters who evoke Dickensian whimsy and range from the merely unusual to the bizarrely imaginative. Within this magical universe, rivalries, revenge, and self-seeking contend with the willingness to sacrifice…Enthralling fantasy.”
Publishers Weekly

“Buehlman quickly grabs the reader’s interest and holds it until the last page. His method of jumping from one event to an ostensibly unconnected one works surprisingly well in exploring the complicated characters and their various obstacles. And though seemingly unrelated at first glance, the various mysteries of the book come together in a com- pletely unexpected way. The characters are very dynamic; each has his or her own struggles and secrets that add to the mysteries of the book, and finally, the modern mystical setting makes full use of technology, magic and science.”
RT Book Reviews

The Necromancer’s House is alternately witty and horrifying, magical and grounded, literally marvelous.  Christopher Buehlman brings an abundant imagination and so many convincing tastes of the particular to his dark fantasy that you find yourself believing the unbelievable and fearing what you thought belonged only in those Old World, pre-sanitized fairytales.  I loved it. Can you tell?”
–Andrew Pyper, author of The Demonologist