The year is 1348. The Black Death ravages France, leaving fields and rivers choked with unburied dead and causing whole towns to disappear. Thomas, a disgraced knight, roams the land with a band of thieves, living by the sword; when they encounter an orphaned girl in a dying village, Thomas has just enough humanity in him to save her from his colleagues. No ordinary child, this girl sees angels and talks to the dead. She tells Thomas that Lucifer and the fallen angels have risen in a new war on Heaven, that the kingdoms of men have fallen behind the lines of battle, and that he must now shepherd her on a holy quest to tip the scales in favor of good. Between Two Fires invites you on a journey that is at once a fool’s errand into great danger, and a violent man’s first, uncertain steps toward redemption.


“Fans of historical fantasy and horror will find this epic darkly rewarding.”
Publisher’s Weekly

“Cormac McCarthy’s The Road meets Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in this frightful medieval epic about an orphan girl with visionary powers in plague-devastated France.”
Kirkus Review

“By combining modern horror dynamics with a convincing medieval setting, Christopher Buehlman secures his status among today’s leading dark fantasy authors.”
Shelf Awareness